It’s a Beautiful Thing

I was recently asked in a class to share something I am passionate about. 

As students shared their responses, my thoughts wandered through a couple different responses.

I wanted to talk about my love for nature, kayaking, hiking, and just sitting outside watching the sun rise/set.

But I also wanted to talk about technology. I just got the iphone6. I love it. I also love the Macbook Air I’m writing on. I love my Jambox, iPad, Roku, High-speed Internet, and everything I can do when they work together.

But I also wanted to talk about my love for stories. I love movies and books and listening to people share what they are doing. I love to preach, because I love to tell stories.

But I also wanted to talk about Allyssa and the life we share. I wanted to talk about my dogs, and even though they drive me crazy, I’m glad we have them. I wanted to talk about the stuff we get to do, the places we’ve traveled, and the apartment we get to live in.

As I thought through my list of passions, I realized that there is one phrase that sums them all up: I am passionate about beautiful things.

This is what I love about nature, technology, stories, Allyssa, and the life I get to live.

I believe God created the world to be filled with beautiful things, and when we are at our best, we create beautiful things too.

So that’s me—but I think beautiful things are best shared with other people; and that’s where connection comes in.

We were built for connection.

I recently talked with a friend of mine. He’s an independent church planter. He planted a church, but without any denomination, he’s free to do whatever he wants.

There was a hint of excitement about this idea when he first mentioned it to me.

Yet, a year or two went by and he sent me a message. He had a personal dilemma in his church and wanted to hear my thoughts. We had some exchanges, and even with someone outside of my connection, I realized once again: we need each other. When I have problems—concerns, questions, or foggy days in ministry—I have a host of people to call, email, or stop by and see. I couldn’t imagine doing ministry in a bubble.

This is why I want to belong to a connection. This is why I think a network is so important. We were meant to lean into one another. Or as the New Testament writer suggests: we were meant to bear one another’s burdens. And when we do, it’s a beautiful thing.

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