One-Sentence Prayers

Often, we have short 1-2 sentence prayers that we find ourselves praying over and over again. They are simple, but often profound and very centering. What follows are 1-2 sentence prayers that my community shared with me via various social media sites. If you’d like to contribute yours, email me here or comment below.

Lord, I need you. -Joe

Intimate lover, grant me peace. -Diana

May these doors be a gate into your Kingdom as people come this Sunday and may they be a gate into your Kingdom as people leave. -Justin

Blessed Father, teach me what you would have me to know, and above all things, glorify Your Name. -AJ

Show me who I was when you first dreamed of me. -Paul 

O Lord have mercy on me, sinner that I am

Lead me, Lord, by your light; for problems may come when it’s dark in this world, but they vanish like the night when your morning breaks and my shadows flee. Lord, I will trust, if you will just lead me. -Tom

Lord help me be today who you created me to be, and who my family believes me to be. –Mike Slaughter

God, grant me the peace and understanding to know that You do not bring me through deep waters to drown me, but to cleanse me. -Katelyn

Lord, I want to follow you. If I ever fall away from you, I give you permission to do whatever you need to do to get me back on track—no matter how painful or uncomfortable it might be. – Joe

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