I’m getting published!

Guess what happened today? It’s the moment I’ve been working towards for a couple years now.

I’m excited to announce that my short story “The Priest and the Robot” has been included for publication in the Ohio Writer’s Association’s newest anthology, “Outcasts.”

This will be my first publication, so it warrants some kind of party, right?

I’m included alongside a number of amazing Ohio writers, including a few friends I’ve made recently in the Ohio Writer’s monthly workshop. It’s a fantastic group!

Oh, and this is fun: the anthology will include a forward by actor Dan Fogler, who is known for his acting in Fantastic Beasts and the TV series Walking Dead. I think I might get to meet him? So that’s fun!

Check out the complete list of short stories here.

I’ve always considered myself a creative, who has dabbled in numerous art-forms, and lately I’ve considered myself a writer… but now that I’m getting published, does that make me an author? idk.

Either way, if you’re willing, help me build my author page on Facebook by liking & following it here: https://www.facebook.com/joegravesauthor

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