When an email says more than the sermon it’s replying to…

On Sunday, I preached on Matthew 19, verses 16 and following, where Jesus encounters a rich young ruler. The podcast is available here, but something my friend said in response is probably worth more than anything I said. One of my friends from Franklinton drove up to Grandview to join us for worship. He’s lived … More When an email says more than the sermon it’s replying to…

For how long, Lord?

On Sunday we had our first preview service. After spending time praying over the teaching, we decided to focus on our three goals as a church: dynamic worship, intentional relationships, and risk-taking mission.  You can listen to it here: http://www.centralcity.co/podcast/2017/6/11/message-preview-service On Sunday, we looked at Isaiah 6 and how heavenly worship spelled out in this passage … More For how long, Lord?


My writing friends used to complain about the misuse of the word “literally.”  “I’m dying from this pain, literally.” Well, of course you’re not dying literally.  It drove them crazy when people used the expression “literally” to mean “figuratively.” So I was very careful when I crafted our prayer for our location.  Over the season of Lent we’ve … More Literally.

Church Plant Update

It’s been weeks since Allyssa and I have been at Central Avenue Church. We spent two weeks over Christmas on vacation with my family. Then a weekend in Columbus working on the church plant. Then a weekend in the Canton area officiating a wedding. And then another weekend back in Columbus working on the church … More Church Plant Update

What I’ve Learned From Meeting With People

Over the last month, Allyssa and I have met with around 30 people one-on-one to talk about the new church we are launching in Grandview. Each time we ask them a variation of this question: What do you think a great church in this community would look like? (Thanks David Hood for introducing me to this question… it’s a … More What I’ve Learned From Meeting With People