Home Improvement

In 2017, Allyssa and I bought an old house in Franklinton. Over the last couple years, we’ve been trying to fix it up—and after a few small investments and the help of a lot of great people, we’ve made a lot of progress. Now, we’re looking to refinance and pay someone to finish the work. … More Home Improvement

The Foot Book

Before Finn’s bedtime, we have a pretty regular routine. We brush his teeth. Sometimes he gets a bath. And then we read some books. Of course, he loves books, especially if we love the books. I’ve learned this about kids. They will love what you love. If you get really excited about something, the likelihood … More The Foot Book

It Takes a Village

Our church is known for our focus on local missions. It’s not the only thing we do, but it is something we are very passionate about. There’s no doubt that this is reflected in Allyssa and I’s leadership. But its helped us gather a community of other people passionate about serving the poor. Which means, … More It Takes a Village

Christians say “I love the poor.” I say: “What are their names?”

I recently finished our spring classes at Central City Church. The class I lead was an introduction to local missions. It ran alongside a class that is an introduction to small groups: local missions and intentional relationships, two of our three core values. I haven’t had much success with classes, but after a little encouragement … More Christians say “I love the poor.” I say: “What are their names?”