The Priest & the Robot

Ohio Writer Association’s Anthology “Outcasts” – Coming soon.

At the risk of being permanently turned off, Astrid, a robotic priest, faces persecution in a world that is anti-AI, and even more so due to abnormalities in her programming. When her mentor, Rev. Emmanuel, informs her that the inspectors have closed their investigation, she will need to learn to hide her true self if she’s to avoid decommission.

The House

May Short Story Contest at the School of Kingdom Writers – Available to read here.

“Joe took the theme literally with his sci-fi story, reminiscent at times of Fahrenheit 451. In 3,500 words, Joe created a new near-future world, captured an important element of the human experience, and crafted a fun and thought-provoking short story.” – School of Kingdom Writers

In The Name of Ammalee

Available to read at The Worlds Within

On the verge of giving up on his faith in the god Ammalee, a young man and his little sister travel back in time 5000 years to escape a dying earth, but when they meet someone they believe to be the original Ammalee, Kold starts to question everything.

Future Publications

The Ship and the Planet

Cover design by James Graves.

Word Count: 100,000
Synopsis: Daegmund and Leala have a lot in common. Neither of them knows anything about what happened to the 150 people missing on that side of Ship. They couldn’t tell you what the coordinates were, or why they mattered, or how finding them would make any difference. They have no idea how controlling and calculated the Ship is, or how many families the Ship has starved, beaten, and tortured. And they know nothin about the Resistance or how they plan to set things right. Which makes them equally surprised to find out they have spent their entire lives to serve in the Resistance.

But that’s as far as the similarities go. Because Daegmund lives on a Planet with no adults, and Leala lives on the Ship that orbits it.

The Ship and the Planet is a 110,000 word young adult science fiction novel. This book is Book 1 of a series. It begins with introducing Daegmund and his ensemble, weaving together a narrative that highlights life on the Ship and the Planet. The book ends with Daegmund and his friends leaving their Colony with everything they need for the next leg of their journey.

Status: Currently editing second draft.

Interested in being a Beta Reader? Let me know here.

Here’s what people said about the first draft of The Ship and the Planet:

“The Ship and the Planet is an incredibly entertaining read that reminds me of sci-fi novelist John Scalzi. Joe Graves has a unique flair that creates realistic depictions of this alien landscape and for building intrigue and suspense through the various characters you’ll relate with. I loved the play on socio-economic class systems and the intersection of a “green” world that provides a subtle underlay to the story. It captivated me from the moment I picked it up and I would highly recommend it. Can’t wait for book two!“ -Charlotte Kovanda